Welcome to CDS!

By using this computer I agree that:

-I will follow all classroom rules as well as the Center Drive acceptable use policy.

-I have asked and received teacher permission before each online session.

-I take full responsibility during this online session.

-No one else is to touch my computer controls.

-I will only go to appropriate & approved websites.

-I will respect the privacy of other students and staff.

-I will report to the teacher immediately any problems that occur while online.

-I will not download any programs without permission or disable the antivirus or filtering software.

-I will not use any messaging programs, including online chat rooms, without permission.

-I will not give out personal information about myself or anyone else.

-I will limit my Internet/Intranet use to educational purposes.

-I understand all of my online use is subject to monitoring by the school and other computer network administrators.

-I will not go online if a teacher is not present in the room.